Having a tailored class just for you and one-on-one interaction. Whether you book it online or not, worry less about the connection and adjustment. Remember, yoga is a self-practice!


A slow pace practice, focusing on meridian lines based on traditional chinese medicine and yin connective tissues to maintain or recover the natural range of motion in the joint, will also improve our flexibility.


Self-Myofascial-Release is a gentle yet powerful technique to incorporate into daily practice. Using tennis balls as a tool to give a constant and necessary pressure to our myofascial (muscle tissue). This practice isn't suitable for pregnant women, epilepsy, and/or osteoporosis.


A mindfulness practice that is intended to heighten the state of awareness and attention. This practice is not suitable for you if you want to find a state of peace or calm instantly. 


A unique practice that incorporate aerial & yoga practice. Some asanas are done with a support of belt, whether it's a standing balance, upside down, or sitting asanas.  This practice not only focus on strengthening and/or lengthening our body, but also decompress the spine.


This class will be tailored based on your needs, focus on details
and functionality, it's slow pace practice.
Though this class is not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis, or treatment. Please, consult a physician prior to beginning any activity program, including yoga.

Let's Practice